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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


interact: techniques to interact with your presentation

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Easy Launch of Slideshow within a Slideshow

Logic: launch a slideshow within a slideshow

Try this easy way to launch a slideshow from a mouse click. Note that this embeds the presentation, creating a single file!

insert object menu

Within your current slide, click Insert | Object| Create from File| and browse to your presentation.

create from file

It doesn't matter if the presentation is a slideshow (pps extension) or normal file.

select presentation

Click OK.

Click OK

You get your presentation embedded on the slide.

custom animation

Right click on the inserted object| Custom animation| Add Effect| Object
Action| Show.

add show effect

Then double click the animation entry, or right click and Select Effect Options.

effect options menu

Go to the Timing tab| Triggers
button| Start effect on the click of....

trigger timing

and select your presentation
object (in this case "Object 1".

embedded slideshow result

Then it will run when you click on it directly. Notice the trigger icon in the top left? For the sample, please click here.

Launch Slideshow Zip Sample

Unzip the files and place them in the same directory. The run the file My_Slideshow.pps".





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