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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


interact: techniques to interact with your presentation

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Mouse Over Images

Logic: add interactivity via a mouse over effect in PowerPoint

It is very easy to change images by mouse over, say from a color one to grayscale. A color image on Slide One will change to a grayscale image on Slide Two, using a mouse over Action Setting.

Start with a presentation with two slides. We insert a color image onto Slide One.

image and slide

 We now do the exact same to Slide Two.

insert picture again

But we make the second image grayscale with the Picture Toolbar.


On Slide Two, we also add a rectangle. Make the rectangle fit the slide, and also get rid of the border. (Image removed so you can see the rectangle).

rectangle on sldie

Get rid of the rectangle fill. But maybe right at the end of building it so you don't lose where it is!

no fill

 Remember on Slide Two, we have an image set to grayscale AND a rectangle we cannot see.

 action settings

Now for Action Settings. Right click on the image on Slide One.

hyperlink next slide

We go to the Mouse Over tab and hyperlink it to the Next Slide (Slide Two). When the mouse goes over the image in slideshow mode, it will jump to Slide Two and the grayscale image.

slide two

Now on Slide Two, we do a neat little trick! We want the slide to jump back to the first one (with color image) when we move the mouse OFF the image. So we add an Action Setting to the rectangle which is BEHIND the grayscale image. When the mouse moves anywhere off the grayscale image, the show will jump back to Slide One!

previous sldie

To appreciate this, download the example: Mouse_Over.ppt

Note: The example has a slide transition set to Fade Smoothly, very fast. That allows the two images to change with what looks like a Fade Transition!





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