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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


2007: features of Office and PowerPoint

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Shape effects that move in PowerPoint 2007

Logic: powerful image effects without the need for other software

blue oval

Insert an oval into PowerPoint 2007.

oval with an image fill


Fill it with an image (you can work out how).

crop handles on image

mage result

Give the image a Shape Effect of a Soft Edge, at 25 points. On the Insert Shapes group, click the "Convert to Freeform button". This will convert the shape to a freeform. You can now right click on the oval and "Edit Points".

arrows show to push shape in, keeping the effect

This is where the magic occurs. As you drag points in towards the mountain, the actual shape effect applied moves! You can effectively crop the image the image and pull the faded edge with the crop.





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