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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


2007: features of Office and PowerPoint

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3d bezier curves in 2007


Shows you how to use PowerPoint's drawing and 3d tools to save time and use PowerPoint's own editing and creation tools.

So you know where we are heading, here is the example:

2007 catchment example

If you feel uncomfortable with drawing lines and curves, I suggest you check out Echo Swinford's excellent tutorial on bezier curves.

Bezier Curves


Plus the PowerPoint 2003 version is here:

2003 bezier curves

Now, on with the job!

First, start by adding a rectangle.

 drawn rectangle

Give it a 3d layover with the Format tab of the Ribbon| Shape Effects| 3d Rotation| Off Axis 1 Top.

Right click on the shape and select Format Shape.

format powerpoint shape

Give it some width and height for the top of the shape. Note this is a "Modeless" dialog box. You can keep it open while you work!

powerpoint 2007 3d format

Select the Format tab of the Ribbon (when the shape is selected), the Edit Shape button| Convert to Freeform. You can now add edit points to the shape.

powerpoint 2007 convert to freeform

Right click on the shape and select Edit Points.

add points to free form

Right click on the middle, top and  select Add Point. Do the same for the centre, bottom of the shape.

add point to shape

You can see the shape result with a point at top and bottom added. Now select each centre point and drag it down. Notice that while you are editing points, the shape converts temporally back to a flat 2d one.

drag each center point down

Add trees (clip art) and rivers (lines) to taste!

3d powerpoint catchment!

Download this zip file

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