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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


logic: of presentations

logic 1: presentation structure ] logic 2: tri-pane view ] logic 3: move text fast ] logic 4: edit text ruthlessly ] logic 5: notes pane ] logic 6: visual clarity ] logic 7: powerpoint layouts ] logic 8: slide masters ] logic 9: slide grid and guides ] logic 10: ribbon logic ] logic 11: animate with confidence ] logic 12: present with confidence ] logic 13: the ending ] [ logic14: get powerpoint help ] logic 15: annoying prompts (new) ]


14: Getting Help

logic: when you need more help or information

Obviously, try PowerPoint Help first. Notice in the dialog box I am connected to online help. This ensures I get the latest articles and knowledge.

powerpoint 2010 help dialog box

Then, try the (unofficial) PowerPoint FAQ.

ppt faq webpage

Then, try Social Answers:

microsoft asnwers for PowerPoint webpage

After that, a range of MVP websites!





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