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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


2010 Video Pipe Line- new!

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PowerPoint 2010 Video Pipeline: Overlaid Video Effects

Logic: powerful sue of more than one copy of a video

Now we look at some of the better video effects we can apply in PowerPoint 2010.

We start with an added video.

powerpoin t2010 overlaid video

We duplicate that video.

powerpoin t2010 overlaid video 2

On the first video (closer to the slide background) we apply Orange, Accent color 6 Dark. To the uppermost video we apply a Video Shape- Oval; Video Effects, soft edge, 50 points; and color as normal (as pictured as video 1 and 2.

powerpoin t2010 overlaid video with effects

We align both videos centred to slide.

powerpoin t2010 overlaid video aligned

Both videos are set to play Automatically, With Previous. When we play, we get a cool color video over a darker background one. There is one thing left to do.


We need to insert a blank slide before our slide with the two videos on it. If you launch the slideshow directly to the slide with videos, there will be a delay in the second video, making them both out of synch. By loading the blank slide first, the next slide (containing the videos) will load into memory. Then, when you go to that slide, the videos will play together!

powerpoin t2010 overlaid video ready to cache into memory

Now, for the result!




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