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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


    2010 Video Pipe Line

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PowerPoint 2010 Video Pipeline: video handling

Logic: understand the high end video handling in PowerPoint

Video in PowerPoint is no longer thrown to the Media Control Interface (MCI) Player or Windows Media (WM) Player. DirectShow is the rendering engine in PowerPoint 2010, and it really shows! More on rendering later. First, though, some facts:

Version 2010 still respects video inserted into legacy files (that is, files created in previous versions of PowerPoint). A video in a PowerPoint 2007 created file will still throw to either the MCI or WM Player, unless converted.

To convert a video into the 2010 format:- double click the video or go File | Info | and the Convert button.

Upgrade video in PowerPoint 2010

Upgrade a video inserted from a previous version of PowerPoint (E.g. 2007).

Use PowerPoint 2010 Backstage to upgrade a video

Use BackStage to upgrade a video in PowerPoint 2010

My suggestion is to upgrade your video at all cost!




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