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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


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Friday: "Just the FAQ's"

Logic: build your own FAQ with this powerful tool

Friday is an amazingly powerful program that will let you produce Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)outputs for a variety of reasons. In this example, we'll build a staff induction kit.

But, think induction kits, frequently questions, organizational overviews, help centre questions and so on.

This is not a tutorial, as much as a demonstration! I'm being a bit courageous here, as there is much more to Friday than I can cover in one demonstration.

friday logo screen

Well, this is what you get when you first start Friday. Not bad, but let's look under the hood.

friday system

Friday starts as a dialogue box where you can access a number of options. This will not go through all of them, but we will see just how easy it all is. On the first cut, I'd recommend the wizard. Also, you'll notice that next time you run Friday with a pre-existing FAQ, a lot more options will be available!

new FAQ menu

We go File| New FAQ/ Formatting Wizard.

introduction wizard

Up jumps a box that gives us the information about what we are about to do. We click the right arrow button to move forward.

step 2

"Choose Folder" is obvious. We select where we want our FAQ on disk.

select/ create folder

Our folder is selected, and file named. Then the arrow button again to go to the template area.

template dialogue box

I will choose an existing template, as that is easier.

template dialogue box

Well, it may not look pretty, but it said I could fix that later.

personalise FAQ

Next, we personalize.


There is a huge array of options, and with use, you will get used to them. I'll name the FAQ pages and other assorted jobs. naming the FAQ.

more settings

OK, not real easy to see at 400 pixels, but I don't want you to see my password <grin>. We save and the wizard box is still available.

preview option

Time to preview it.


Voila! Now to the better options. This is where the real power is.

:done" screen

By the way, we are done with the wizard.

add new questions

When we click on the "Insert... Question" button, a simple dialogue appears where we can add a question and answer. We can either save this and go on, or click done.

question list

As we add questions, they stack up in our main screen.

add heading

Adding a heading is easy (Insert: Heading).

add question

Add more questions.

add more questions

And they all appear again in the main screen.

generate html

After we are satisfied with some questions, we will create our site.

preview result

Tada! So simple! The truth is, though, we have only just started. Now that we have an FAQ going and loaded, there are many more, extremely powerful options available.

By the way, a couple of features I dug out.

  1. Ctrl+Click a question and it puts a paste-able link onto the clipboard, very handy for quickly grabbing links to paste into a document.

  2. Shift+Click a question to get the entire content of the question on the clipboard (with other little optional extras).

Want to see a brilliant example of this?

Click here to go to an FAQ page!

Glen Millar

Last Updated: May 10, 2003





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