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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


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Getting Clip Art, including when offline

Logic: get more clip art available offline

For PowerPoint 2013, you can't really get your clip art off-line-I guess Microsoft assumes everyone has an Internet connection at every time.

 In my version of PowerPoint 2013, I can get images from four sources:

  1. clipart

  2.  Bing image search 

  3. my personal Skydrive, and

  4.  notice the fourth option at the bottom of the screen shot below!

insert images from icon

insert images from Flickr account dialogue box

So, what are your options if you have previous versions of PowerPoint?

 Do you get frustrated waiting for clipart to download from Microsoft? 

Launch Clip Organizer.

Clip organizer

Go to Web Collections, Microsoft Office Online, and in this example, Building.

Wait for all online clips to load, as in the above image.

Click inside the right pane and go <Control +A> to select all clips.

Select all Clips

Right click and select Copy to Collection.

When the My Collections dialog box launches, Click New...

Name your new collection as "Building" and click OK.

Building Clip Art

When your new "Buildings" Collection is created, Click OK to begin the import. Clip organizer will import all clips into your local My Collections.

 Copying Office Clip Art

Now, when you go to the Clip Art Pane, instead of searching on the web, search only in My Collections. You will get an instant result, plus be able to select the Insert button and it will appear instantly.

offline search clip art





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