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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


build: techniques to build and visualise faster

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Selection and Visibility

Logic: when you need to know what is in your Animation Timeline. Also when you want to hide objects to work on those in the layer above them.

I was so frustrated when building complex slides, I asked Steve Rindsberg to build a Layer Manager. What he built is awesome. If you don't have Office 2007, have a look at it here:

Starter Set Layer Manager

Anyway, I always felt this functionality should be native in PowerPoint, and with version 2007, it finally is!

insert text PowerPoint 2007

Start with a blank slide, select the Insert menu command and click the Text Box button.

PowerPoint 2007 visibility

Type in some example text into the text box. Then, with the text box selected, go to the Format menu command and click on the Selection Pane button.

type custom name

Click on the label for your text box and type a name for your object that is meaningful.

custom animation

Now select the Animations menu command and Custom Animation button. The animation task Pane will pop up beside the Visibility and Selection Task Pane.

add fade entrance

Add an entrance animation. In this case I used Fade. Notice that the animation entry uses the same name you applied to the object in the Selection and Visibility Pane!

add image

This also applies to images. You can add them, apply a name and the name is reflected in the Animation Timeline.

rename object label

This is the good part! If you change the name in the Selection and Visibility panel, it updates the name in the Animation Timeline!

make visible or invisible

The other great feature is the visibility feature. Turn off the eye icon by clicking it, and the associated object vanishes. This allows you to work on any other number of objects on the screen without interference of the object you hid. Click again to make it visible again.





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