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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


animate: techniques to animate your presentation

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Animating Cropped Text

Logic: cool PowerPoint animation effect on individual letters

This simple animation takes advantage of converting WordArt into an image and cropping it.

cut the image holder

The inserted WorkArt was Cut.

Note: for PowerPoint 2013 you MUST select the text bounding box, NOT the text or you can paste as a picture.

pasted as an image

Paste the image again 2 times so you have three images. We can then use the crop tools on each image.

three text images on a slide

 2013 powerpoint crop tool

The image is cropped three ways:

1- upwards from the bottom,

2- from top to center and bottom to center, and

3- downwards from top to bottom.

cropped images

Done. You may have to check for any gaps in the images when you bump them together to hide any of these gaps!

Now to animate.

add swivel animation powerpoint 2013 

I have gone for Entrance| Swivel.

powerpoint 2013 animation pane 

 I also have a 0.5 second delay, but all animations end together. Makes for a very powerful animated entrance!

animated result

And the example is available here.

Cropped Text Example 2003 version

Cropped Text Example 2007 version

(The 2007 version also works in 2010 and 2013).





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