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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


animate: techniques to animate your presentation

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Animation Masking

Logic: save yourself animation build time by masking PowerPoint animations

This example shows how to mask objects for various animations. Note, it works in PowerPoint 2002 through to 2013.

I don't think it works in previous versions.

PowerPoint 2013 now defaults to widescreen, landscape format.

Page setup

The image is set to Fade In.

rectangles added above the image

I then draw a number of rectangles over the top of the image. While they have no fill and a white border, we are about to change that.

format objects option 

We go to Format Autoshape on each rectangle.

format shape options 

The Background option will allow any object to pick up the slide background. Now, you have to be careful here.

If you use a Design Template, it will pick up the background, but NOT any objects on top of the background on the Slide Master.

animate objects 

The rectangles are animated with an Entrance Effect of Strips.

They are all timed to complete at the same time. You can see this is the downloadable example.

Another example is where I added custom autoshapes by drawing them with the freeform tool.

custom drawn shapes

Using the same Background effect, it masks the image and when the Fade In, it makes the image seem to disappear.

final product 






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