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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


build: techniques to build and visualise faster

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An image cropped several ways

Logic: extract several images from the same image source

This is a technique I learnt the concept of cropping images from Rick Flohr at the Presentation Summit in New Orleans.

In PowerPoint 2013:

1. I placed an image as the slide background by first inserting an online image on the slide.

insert an online image

I then Cut the image to put it on the clipboard.

2. Then right click on the slide, select Format Background, and click the Clipboard button.

image to sldie background in PowerPoint

3. I then covered the whole slide with a rectangular auto shape with a slight transparency so I could see the image behind.

4. Placed a rectangular auto shape over the top of the lower auto shape and set its background fill to Slide Background.

draw a rectangle to cover the whole slide

The arrow shows the direction of drawing the rectangle with the mouse.

Then, it is simply a case of moving the upper-most auto shape around to see how many kinds of cropped images I can get from the original!

In each of the following examples, the colored image is what would be extracted, by cropping the rest of the image away.

man looking at water

The original above!

cropped powerpoint image 1 

A man looking over the ocean. The boy would not be seen.

cropped powerpoint image 2 

A man and a boy looking over the ocean.

cropped powerpoint image 3 

A boy looking over the ocean.

cropped powerpoint image 4 

So, many images from one!





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