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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


Visualize: techniques to visualize your presentation

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Artistic Clip Art

Logic: use PowerPoint 2013's native Clip Art features to blend in new colors and lines.

PowerPoint 2013 online clipart search dialogue box

In the insert pictures from online dialogue box I specifically searched for clipart of a family and added the WMF text to get a Windows metafile.

insert online picture dialogue box with results

Right-click on the image that is inserted on the slide and select grouping-ungroup.

Ungrouping metafile

You if you want to convert the object to Microsoft office drawing object. Click Yes.

convert to a drawing object dialogue box

We then proceed to ungroup the object.

You will get this box. You allow it to Ungroup, and then Ungroup it a second time. You will then get all of the individual, vector objects.

ungrouped metafile made up of individual objects

Notice we now have the object broken up into a number of separate objects. One thing that we will have to do is to find a box that is transparent that covers the whole object and delete it.

It is the transparent frame that the original art was held within.

changing the line colour

With all of the objects selected we can change the line color to something such as yellow ...

yellow line added to shapes

or even the line thickness...

change the line thickness

To 4.5 points.

changed line thickness

Best of all,  we can make these objects to 3d!

format shape effects preset 4

resultant image

How cool is that?

another version of the same image with different effect applied

These effects are well worth trying different options.

Download file for PowerPoint 2003

Download file for PowerPoint 2007 to 2013





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