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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


Visualize: techniques to visualize your presentation

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Using PowerPoint for diagrams in Word

Logic: use PowerPoint as a drawing tool for diagrams in Word

I prefer to use PowerPoint for a lot of drawing, particularly diagrams. I can add autoshapes, manipulate them and enjoy the control I can obtain in a program that is simple to use.

slide in Word

What we are about to do is not something I always recommend..... linking from PowerPoint into Word. But it demonstrates the power of integrating Office programs. I will construct a drawing in PowerPoint, link it into PowerPoint, and show you some cool things that linking offers! I realize this can be done in Word, but I do this for content already created within PowerPoint.

draw diagram

We start drawing our diagram in PowerPoint.

diagram ready

Now that it is created, it is time to go to the slide and copy it. You must copy the slide itself and not just the objects on it.

copy slide

I copied the slide in the Slide Sorter View. Now, to switch to Word.

paste in word

 I want to add the slide to this part of the document. I could paste as a slide but will paste a linked image.

paste special menu

I go to the Edit menu| Paste Special...

paste link

I could paste as any of these slide or image types. But I click Paste Link...

as wmf

In PowerPoint 2003, I get two options: A slide object or a Picture. Select Picture and click OK.


The image is now inserted into Word. Now, to the cool bits!

result with background

If the slide changes, either because I change it or perhaps it updates with data (there's an idea!), changes will reflect in Word.

update links menu

 I can update the picture in Word via the Edit menu, or simply select it and hit the <F9> key. Oh, and one more cool feature.

cropped diagram

Notice that I used the Crop button to crop the image. Now, most of the white space on the slide is gone, and when I update the link, the picture updates without losing its cropped layout! I think that is cool!

Now, this is most important. When it all goes wrong, you can manage external links via the Edit| Links menu.

links dialogue box

You can update links here, manage them or even break them. And if you distribute your presentation to someone else, break them! Even if you send the linked document with your file, it may be too difficult to get it back in the proper folder in relation to its link.





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