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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


Visualize: techniques to visualize your presentation

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Awesome Image Fills!

Logic: a fast way to fill an autoshape with an image background in PowerPoint 2013

A lot of my work depends on speed in building presentations. I often reuse animations, changing the images. This tutorial demonstrates how.

PowerPoint 2013 offers an absolutely fantastic way to do this on the fly without drilling down through countless dialogue boxes.

I have an image at the top of the slide (from a current project I'm working on) and an autoshape at the bottom.

I right click on the top image and select "Copy".

picture of man swimming and auto shape

I then right click on the bottom shape and select "Format Shape".

format shape menu item

The format picture task pane appears. Select the paint bucket icon and the picture or texture fill radio button.

insert picture options

Then click the Clipboard button (also circled red).

image inserted into a shape

The autoshape at the bottom is automatically filled with the image from the first picture I placed on the clipboard when I copied it.

Now, we can go on to do some other effects only available in autoshapes, in this case by editing the autoshape points.

editing auto shape points

Absolutely cool, and a very powerful demonstration of how some features in PowerPoint 2013 have been brought to the surface!





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