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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


Visualize: techniques to visualize your presentation

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Unbelievable 3d!

Logic: example of PowerPoint's drawing and 3d tools to create a powerful 3d effect when viewed as an anaglyph


Someone once told me that PowerPoint was 2.5d. That is, there is simulated depth, but it is not true 3d.
This is something I have sat on for a while. This one is for XP, as the path animations prove it is really 3d. It is password protected, because I want you to tell me how it works! While you can throw material into PowerPoint and make it happen, there is one trick in this that I am keeping quiet about, for a while ;-)
Please note, that I take no responsibility for what it will do to your eyes. I have spent many hours practicing, so can usually see it in about 10 seconds. So be patient.
Instructions are on the first slide.
The depth increases as you go through. That also makes it harder to see.
I could have simply pasted images here, but you might not believe it was done in PowerPoint.

Please download here:

3d, PowerPoint WorkBench Style!

Glen Millar

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