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Welcome to these tutorials, many of which were unique concepts when first published!


Visualize: techniques to visualize your presentation

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Connectors and custom anchor points

Method Three

Logic: create your own custom connector points in PowerPoint

(With thanks to Robert Lerner)!

Now, another option is to use the ability of enhanced metafiles to keep vector points. We effectively draw an autoshape (but it doesn't work for ovals or rectangles), then copy it, paste special it back, and ungroup! Simple ;-)

So, let's get an autoshape and copy it. Then paste special back as an enhanced metafile.

block arrow

paste special menu

as enhanced metafile

We end up with another version of the same shape. We then ungroup it, which turns it into an object we can work with.

second arrow for ungrouping

Right-click the shape and then click Edit Picture.

edit picture menu

Click Yes in the dialog box, which ungroups the picture's elements.

ungrouping warning dialogue box

Press F4 on the keyboard, which repeats the last command to ungroup the elements another level.

Press Escape to deselect the shapes.
Click and drag each of the shape elements from each other, deleting all but the one shape you want to work with. ...

outline of third arrow dragged

Then we can right click on the line object left behind, and select edit points.

edit points menu

Our autoshape has magically turned into something we can attach points to.

 points highlighted on arrow

Clever, huh!

Method Four

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